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“No one can give us a greater gift than to teach us how to meditate. Many will one day remember Ben Decker as having put their feet on a most joyous path.”


Former Congressional Candidate
New York Times Best-Selling Author of 14 Books

“This book will provide readers with both an excellent road map to begin―or to deepen―their practice, and a primer on the philosophy, spirituality, and neuroscience behind different meditations styles. It’s written with heart, devotion, and dedication, to make the ancient teachings available to contemporary meditation students. A wonderful read!”


Founder, Open Mind Training Institute
Author, Wise Mind, Open Mind: Finding Purpose and Meaning in Times of Crisis, Loss and Change

“Ben's keen understanding of meditation, and his deep commitment to its practice, has given rise to one of the best meditation books I've ever seen. This is a must-read for anyone who is truly interested in learning how to meditate, and for those who want to refresh their practice.”


Founder & President,
The Institute For Transformational Thinking
Author of Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever

Dear Friends,

There is nothing quite like meditating with a group of sincere seekers.

Sitting together in meditation as a community, a family, or as a team, something shifts in our relationship with one another. We become more accepting, compassionate, supportive, and collaborative. The tensions and disconnects that were there before begin to melt away. Group meditation has a place in all of the many world religions in one form or another, and I am passionate to take this simple but profound practice beyond the temple walls and out into the world; by giving you the exact tools you need to lead effective group meditations in your community - right away.

Working with The Institute For Transformational Thinking since its inception has been an extraordinary honor. Upon meeting The IFTT founder, Ora Nadrich, I found a kindred spirit in our shared recognition of the world's unity, and the fundamental connection all wisdom traditions have with one another.

You see, throughout my personal spiritual exploration, I found that each tradition, religion, and culture I came across had wonderful gifts to share; yet each one seemed to be plagued by an out-dated concept of "ours is the only way."

I have had the wonderful privilege of having my past trainings and current studies be reviewed, supported, and endorsed by some of the leading teachers in the world. This led me to receiving an invitation from a book publisher to create my new book, Practical Meditation for Beginners, a guide to the ten most influential meditation techniques from around the globe.

This course is a gift to those of the new generation who see the people from all walks of life as a part of one family, and all ancient traditions as aspects of our world history. I believe meditation is key to global transformation and collective healing, and it is with sincerest intent that I present this course.

My background in business development has kept a grounded approach to this program - I want to give you the tools you need to go lead great group meditations! See below for more information on the tools, training, and content of this course; and, as always, feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all.

I would love to have you join me on this meaningful exploration of meditation, psychology, spirituality, and science.



Author of Practical Meditation for Beginners
Director of Education at the Institute For Transformational Thinking

“Ben Decker has captured the essence of what you need to get started on your mindfulness journey.”


Co-founder of Insight Meditation Society
New York Times Bestselling Author of Real Happiness, Lovingkindness, and Real Love

“Ben is an old soul with a wealth of knowledge and an enormous gift for teaching spiritual philosophy and meditation. Practical Meditation For Beginners is a loving entry into a more mindful way of living, guided by a man who truly practices all he preaches.”


Author, Eat With Intention

“Ben’s expert voice is friendly, as though you’re receiving advice from your neighbor over green tea. But this is definitely expert advice. Ben Decker demonstrates his sincere study and the expertise he has honed as a teacher at places including Unplug Meditation, The DEN Meditation, Mystic Journey, Wanderlust, and more.”


Editor in Chief, LA Yoga Magazine


with Benjamin W. Decker, author of Practical Meditation For Beginners

OCT 1 - OCT 29, 2018

The course is broken down into four modules over four weeks. Each module will cover one major theme, as well as numerous subjects within the context of the major theme.

Consisting of video workshops, live calls, daily lessons, both required and recommended reading assignments, and direct email access to the instructor; The IFTT has developed a comprehensive program that will provide you with all the resources you need to begin leading group meditations in the most effective way possible, right away.

This course follows the same pragmatic, real life model found in the book it is based on, Practical Meditation For Beginners, providing the training to facilitate group versions of the book's ten featured meditation techniques. 

Immerse yourself in the world of new possibilities with the IFTT Practical Meditation™ Teacher Online Certification Training

Become trained in facilitating the following meditation techniques:

+ Zazen Breath Awareness
Help your community, students, and clients develop focus, conscious control of the attention, and the ability to "get back to your life" after challenges or distractions arise.

+ Mindful Open Awareness
Explore the "yin" and "yang" components of meditation, and the power of simultaneous awareness.

+ Open Eye Meditation
Did you know that there are ancient meditation techniques done with the eyes open? Learn how to help guide a group to experience the surprisingly deep relaxation and introspection that comes with open eye meditation.

+ Mindful Eating
Explore the concept of sensory experience, deepening the connection the conscious mind has with the physical world and all of its riches.

+ Observing Your Emotions
Oftentimes we get "triggered" emotionally, and can't always recognize it. This practice will help you understand your emotinal body better, and whether what you're feeling even belongs to you or not.

+ Mindful Walking
This ancient practice is an extraordinary way to bring a meditative, mindful consciousness deeper into the body and out into your life, and in the lives of your students, clients, community, and family.

+ Body Scan Meditation
Practice intentional focus & directed awareness while taking your body into a relaxing state of healing and recalibration.

+ Mantra Meditation
Learn the two categorical types of mantra meditation, the two types of mantra, how to practice them, and how to walk a group through the practice.

+ Sitting With Difficult Emotions
In a world that avoids and numbs through the challenges of daily life, strengthen your emotional and psychic fortitude by comprehending and practicing this special technique.

+ Lovingkindness Meditation
Expand the purpose of this powerful meditation by understanding its effect on the brain, as well as new applications of Lovingkindness practices.



Because of the personalized attention each student will receive from the instructor, there is limited space available, register today.


The Beginner’s Mind

+ Learn the Zen concept of the "Beginner's Mind," and how it can help you teach meditation.
+ Eliminate pre-conceived notions, accelerate the learning process, and practice multiple techniques of meditation.
+ Overcome imaginary limitations presented by out-dated approaches to the meditation experience.
+ Use real life examples of how this ancient technology is as relevant today as it has ever been.
+ Understand the neuroscience behind meditation, and what physiological benefits meditation has been scientifically proven to provide.


Holding Space

+ Explore the different elements that affect the group experience, and learn techniques to expand your awareness of your self and your surroundings.
+ Practice these techniques to create safe space for your students, clients, and audience.
+ Prepare yourself for the different environments and circumstances that you will be offering group meditation in.
+ Learn the secret connection between all ancient traditions and how it can breathe life into the group meditation experience.



+ Develop your personal relationship to meditation and identify the key aspects of the personal practice that affect the group experience.
+ Receive the tools for structuring classes, workshops, and retreats in a way that is professional, effective, and consistent for the best possible student experience.
+ Compare and contrast the different approaches, and determine what you are most qualified and interested in offering.
+ Learn the extraordinary value of intelligent sequencing and how to consciously put this to work for the benefit of your groups.



Determine your highest purpose for teaching meditation, and present your content in a way that is consistent with that intention.
+ Deepen the mind, body, spirit connection within that will strengthen the development of your meditation community.
Look deeper into what you are offering and pick up on the hidden secrets that determine the quality of the experiences your students have in your guidance.
+ Practice observing objectively and expanding upon your offering, to create the most effective, beneficial, healing experience possible for this under your guidance.
+ Cultivate a sense of global consciousness, transpersonal values, and an overall bigger picture perspective, bringing depth and purpose to your offering as a meditation teacher.

this online Course is Based on the groundbreaking bestseller

Practical Meditation for Beginners

The key to building a solid meditation practice is in the practice itself. From Zen and Mindfulness to walking meditations and body scans, the simple practices outlined in Practical Meditation for Beginners make it easy to build an ongoing meditation routine that is best for you.

Written by experienced meditation teacher Benjamin Decker, Practical Meditation for Beginners offers a clear 10-day program for learning 10 different meditation techniques―one for each day of the program. Newcomers and experienced meditators alike will enjoy the ease and variety presented in Practical Meditation for Beginners.

In the pages of Practical Meditation for Beginners you’ll find:

+ Logical chapter organization that sets a daily structure for building your meditation skill set
Step-by-step instructions to help you fully engage in each of the 10 techniques
+ Thoughtful writing prompts for recording daily insights in your Meditation NotebookAccessible and effective, Practical Meditation for Beginners is a true how-to guide that will empower you to meditate with confidence right away.

practical meditation for beginners BOOK REVIEWS

I have had the great fortune of being able to attend some of Ben Decker's meditation classes here in Los Angeles. I have a very solid meditation practice and I learn something new every time I am in a room with him! He carried his wonderful teachings into a book that is awesome for beginners, but there are some wonderful nuggets for even those who have been meditating for years. As the mom of a young woman I can't wait to give this to her and all of her friends as they learn to navigate through these challenging times. A great book for all and great techniques, practices and ways to go deeper! I am so grateful that Ben has had this opportunity to share his gifts and talents that will help heal many!

-Gwen K.

I previously experienced meditations in which Ben was the practitioner. I always felt much better afterward - yet failed to replicate it on my own. Months later, Ben announced the publication of this book and I was ecstatic. It simplifies his expertise. My schedule is busy yet I still found it easy and a joy to go through each day with this book. Thank you for sharing your insight so we can become happier, calmer, and healthier - even amongst all the demanding external stimuli and to-do lists that try to capture our attention every day. Highly recommend!


If I could give this book 10 stars, I would. I was given this book as a gift and I am very impressed with how well-explained each concept and exercise is. This is the most useful book on meditation that I have ever come across. Each chapter is both simple and profound and potent. The meditation on Day 4 with Mindful Eating was life-altering for me.

- Corey F.

I tried meditation apps before, and always found some benefit to them, but then quit using them shortly thereafter. This book was my first attempt at non-guided meditation (meaning no audio recording talking to me as I meditated). It was fantastic. The descriptions are simple and easy to follow. The writing is concise and gets you into meditating as quickly as possible. The 10 different approaches are also great as I found some that worked wonderfully, some that were okay, and some I didn't care for. I expect everyone is different, so getting a bit of diversity seems really valuable. It certainly was for me. Anyway, I have bought 2 additional copies to give to friends. Highly recommend this book as a jumping off point for meditation.

-Andrew R.

Benjamin W. Decker's "Practical Meditation for Beginners" is a beautiful initiation into the practice of meditation for both beginners and adepts alike. With absolutely eloquent writing, tangible exercises, and ethereal artwork, this book is a must-have for anyone on the path to self realization, and/or looking for more calm and clarity in their life experience. I highly recommend this lovely book to anyone who is a seeker, and hoping to cultivate a deeper relationship with the life-enhancing practice of meditation.

- Jennifer S.

This book is the ideal start for anyone embarking on a meditation practice. I find it is also great for those interested in expanding their knowledge base of the various types of meditation, and great tools on how to incorporate them. A must have book for anyone into meditation, and it’s been very well received as a gift as well!

- Rebecca S.


EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO begin guiding group meditation right away


BECOME An IFTT CERTIFIED Practical Meditation Teacher

+ Group Meditation Guidelines
Becoming certified in facilitating some of the top most effective and powerful meditation techniques comes with great responsibility to share them in a way that is full of integrity and authenticity. We will provide you with all the checks and balances to ensure that you are given the necessary information to provide your groups with the best possible meditation experience.

+ Meditation In Your Community
The power of a personal meditation practice is extraordinary, and that is amplified when shared in a sincere group environment. You will be provided with training in bringing this incredible technology to your community in the best way possible.

+ Know Your Stuff & Be Yourself
Throughout history, many traditions have taught meditation. As with government, religion, and cultural practices, there has developed specific and preferred ways of doing things. We will help you know what is crucial to the efficacy of your teaching, and how to incorporate your own personality and life experience into the work!


Customizable templates unavailable anywhere else

+ Enhance existing events by seamlessly incorporating group meditation.
+ Learn the class format used at the top meditation centers.
+ Customize your own workshops combining meaningful concepts, powerful stories, and proven facts to share the message most important to you.
+ Outlines and tools for hosting impactful retreats for your workplace, your family, your clients, or students.
+ Receive hardcopy & digital versions of Practical Meditation For Beginners to share with your colleagues and students.

supportive community of teachers

+ Create your own professional profile hosted on the Institute For Transformational Thinking's community webpage to let the world know more about your unique offering.
+ All graduates of The IFTT's Practical Meditation Teacher Training will be automatically enrolled in their Coach Development Program with free resources, tools, and ongoing opportunities available exclusively to IFTT Alumni.
+ And much more.


+ You will receive an elegant, professional certificate upon completion of the Practical Meditation Online Certification Training, to print for display in your office, home, or meditation studio.



Because of the personalized attention each student will receive from the instructor, there is limited space available, register today.

instructor testimonials



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Ben is amazing. Helped me fully meditate for the first time. He is very kind, and has the perfect voice and pacing.

Student, The DEN Meditation

West Hollywood, CA

Taking Ben's class was a life changing experience.

Student, Mystic Journey

Venice, CA

Ben is a wonderful guide. His dharma talks are always so helpful and insightful for setting the tone and intention of the meditation. I always look forward to returning.

Student, Unplug Meditation

Santa Monica, CA

Benjamin is a great teacher - full of knowledge and compassion.

Student, The DEN Meditation

Studio City, CA

Ben is such a beautiful guiding light, I love his meditation.

Student, Wanderlust

Hollywood, CA

Meditating with Ben always brings me back to my center. He always knows how to prep the class with a powerful, but simple talk. He is relatable but definitely someone I aspire to emulate.

Student, Unplug Meditation

West Hollywood, CA


Who is this course for? 

The IFTT's Practical Meditation Teacher Training online course is designed to be equally beneficial for those new to meditation as it is for those who are experienced. The unique, cross-disciplinary approach paired with resource-focused practicality, provides a training that even experienced meditation teachers and receive benefit from.

What if I don't want to be a meditation teacher, can I still benefit from taking this course?

The content of this course is presented unlike any other meditation teacher training out there. By this, we mean to say that this course is equally beneficial for both the novice and experienced meditator. If you have aspirations to become a successful meditation teacher, this course will provide you with the directions and tools to do so. If you are looking more for a training in the different kinds of meditations, how to practice them effectively, this training will provide the clearest path possible. This course is based on Practical Meditation for Beginners (which serves as the handbook for the course), which renowned mindfulness teacher, Dr. Ronald Alexander endorsed saying, "This book will provide readers with both an excellent road map to begin―or to deepen―their practice, and a primer on the philosophy, spirituality, and neuroscience behind different meditations styles."

In short, no, you don't have to become a meditation teacher, and yes, you will still benefit from taking this course.

Who is teaching the course?

This course is presented by Director of Education for The Institute For Transformational Thinking, Benjamin W. Decker. He is the author of Practical Meditation for Beginners, and is an experienced meditation teacher who has gone through the process of opening meditation centers, teaching at the top centers in Los Angeles, developing curriculum for world-renowed teachers, organizing community meditation groups, and leading meditation retreats.

Is participation in this course an initiation in any religious lineage?

This course is not affiliated with any religious lineage and is intended to be a universally applicable program. Every aspect of this course has been meticulously designed to explain, in an unbiased way, the actual techniques of these meditation practices observing all spiritual traditions from all over the world with the view that all contain aspects of one greater universal truth. As the theosophical saying goes, "There is no religion higher than truth."

Is this course based on Buddhist, Vedic, or any other religious tradition?

The Vedic and Buddhist traditions have provided the basis of many of today's meditation practices, and have perhaps the clearest and most direct explanations throughout history of meditation. When looking to the ancient teachings for insight and wisdom, it must always be borne in mind that these teachings only became sectarian and religious after many years and many generations. The Practical Meditation Teacher Training Course refers to some of these key teachings throughout history, but not without also acknowledging the overriding fact that all cultures, all historical teachings, and all traditions from all over the world have their own gift to offer the modern student of meditation.




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